Software Development

Software Development

We have the highest technological standards including structuring processes for planning, analysis, design and development of new software products. OPTIMA is a recognized company that provides services and solutions to companies in the Telecommunications, Real Sector, Utilities, Banking, Industry and Government sectors. Our goal is to provide high-quality services that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Web Development

We handle all the disciplines involved in the creation of technological solutions to run within a browser; applications that run on the web and are accessed through the browser. We have experts in Front-end and Back-end, in the field of the server, where technologies and languages ​​are directly related to the operating system of the web page server.

Mobile Development

We deploy computer applications designed to run on wireless computing devices, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. We develop solutions for different distribution platforms or through companies that own mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone. 

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