GIRO is a set of technological applications that support the adequate management of the different Risk Management Systems required at a global level, providing a methodological and functional model adaptable to the characteristics of each company, as well as easy to apply and understand for stakeholders that they intervene in the development of the processes.

Risk Management

It integrates, centralizes and facilitates the management of organizational risk on all its fronts: Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, Operational and Business Continuity, Liquidity, Corruption, Data Protection, among others; in accordance with the best practices of national and international organizations in matters of Internal Control and Risk Management (COSO ERM, Basel, ISO31000, Australian Standard and NTC 5254).

Transaction monitoring

Parametric system that allows executing in a timely and centralized manner the monitoring and control of the operations carried out through the entity, as well as the identification and documentation of warning signs that allow determining the occurrence of unusual and / or suspicious operations (operations that do not are related to the Client’s economic activity or exceed the normality parameters established by the entity) through the different transactional channels.

Comprehensive Risk List Management

The best ally for the prevention and control of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing. It allows the validation of Counterparties (Clients, Users, Suppliers, Employees, Shareholders and Third Parties) in restrictive lists and related media to detect possible associations of individuals linked to ML / FT activities.

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