ORT is a tool specialized in processes of replication, monitoring and administration of platforms with technology in Oracle Databases . It reduces the complexity of implementing replication projects that were normally associated with traditional ETL tools.

Replicated in Real Time

Replication of databases in REAL TIME from heterogeneous data sources (ORACLE, MS SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, SYBASE, TERADATA …), in one or more destinations, including the high availability data center that DATADEC ONLINE offers.

Non-Intrusive Technology and Transactional Integrity Guarantee

With a reduced latency time, replication with RealTimeDB will not affect the performance of the local database and data delivery will be guaranteed at all times, even in the case of drops at the source, communication or destination.

Monitoring and Control of the Replication Process

It has advanced monitoring tools, with accessibility both on the Web and through mobile devices (Tablets and Smartphones), which will allow administrators to be alerted in case of incidents for their rapid resolution.

Multiple Replication Scenarios

To create multiple replication scenarios depending on the use of the replicated database that your organization requires (backup, consolidation, data provisioning, migrations, test environments, data distribution, etc.)

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